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Lip Sync

            Lip Sync


12 week contest plus Finals Night

Contest dates –  Qualifying rounds


Sign-up in person Limited number of contestants

Details:  Act Length – 5 minute maximum.  Impersonate iconic artists/bands or comedians – Create mash-ups - Be creative & have FUN!!  You may use music from our library or provide your own on a USB thumb drive (make sure and label file with your name)


Judging categories – 

10 points Lip Sync – Believe ablilty, accuracy (know the words or lyrics)

10 points Performance – choreography, stage presence, interaction with audience when appropriate

5 points Costume – “look a like”, costume changes, props ( 1 dummy mic and mic stand will be provided

5 points Audience response – invite your friends to come support and applaud for You


Prize Structure-


1st place will move onto compete in Finals – 2nd place will be an alternate if a 1st place winner can’t perform in finals night contest. 


Finals Night-